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Traditional Greek Recipes


  • Feta Cheese(V)

    Our famous Greek goat’s cheese
  • Fried Feta Cheese with Honey(VG)

    Feta cheese wrapped with phyllo, honey & sesame seeds
  • Grilled Halloumi Cheese(V)

    A mixture of goat’s & sheep’s semi-hard cheese
  • Grilled Saganaki Cheese(V)

    A traditional hard goat’s cheese from Naxos
  • Crispy Halloumi fries(V)

    Specially marinated, served with chilli sauce
  • Kataifi - Wrapped Halloumi Sticks(V)

    Halloumi sticks wrapped in Kataifi pastry. Served with red pepper marmalade.
  • Hummus(VG)

    Made with chickpeas & traditional Greek extra virgin olive oil
  • Tzatziki dip(V)

    Greece’s most famous dip, made with yogurt, cucumber & garlic-flavoured
  • Tyrokafteri cheese dip(V)

    Made with feta cheese, peppers, & spices
  • Melitzanosalata(V)

    Our famous Greek aubergine sauce dip
  • Selection of dips(V)

    Five dips: tzatziki, tyrokafteri, taramas, hummus, aubergine, served with a pitta bread.
  • Kalamata Olives(VG)

    Greece’s finest olives
  • Gigantes(VG)

    Giant beans cooked in tomato sauce & herbs
  • Rolled Aubergine Bites

    Filled with beef mince, veggies & cheese
  • Dolmadakia(V)

    Vine leaves stuffed with rice & herbs, served with tzatziki dip.
  • Courgette Balls(V)

    Hand-made courgette balls served with tzatziki dip, perfect sharer for vegetarians.
  • Tyropita(V)

    Pastry phyllo feta cheese pie
  • Spanakotiropita(V)

    Pastry phyllo spinach & feta cheese pie
  • Potato Chips(VG)

    Served with salt & oregano
  • Greek Salad(V)

    Tomato, cucumber, onion, Kalamata olives, and feta cheese, served with vinegar, oregano & pure virgin oil
  • Politiki salad(VG)

    Cabbage, carrot, peppers, herbs, olive oil & vinegar
  • Cretan Dakos salad(V)

    Barley rusk, feta cheese, fresh tomato, herbs, olive oil & oregano
  • Greek Pitta Bread(V)


  • Gluten Free Bread(V)


  • **Please advise your server or waiter should you have a food allergy or a special dietary requirement before placing an order for your chosen dish, so we can ensure any allergens are excluded and/or replaced with an alternative where possible

  • **Please note that a 10% discretionary service charge is added to the total of the final bill