In Greek, Nostimo means delicious.

About nostimo

Our promises to deliver this with every meal. We serve all kinds of Mediterranean inspired delicacies whilst staying true to our Greek heritage.Here at Nostimo, we use top quality ingredients, we have a passion for Mediterranean cuisine, and we love delicious food.What makes us unique is that we go the extra mile to bring top quality food to your plates, using the same recipes that our families have used for generations.Now that you know what Nostimo stands for, come over to see how it tastes!


Our Menu

Starters,Sharers & Salads

Mains from the Grill & Mixed Platters

Greek Pitta Wraps & Pitta Club Gyros

Traditional Greek Recipes

Ambrosia LunchOffers

  • Feta Cheese(V)

    Our famous Greek goat’s cheese
  • Fava Bean Mash(VG)

    Mount Killini’s fava beans with olive oil & lemon
  • Grilled Halloumi Cheese(V)

    A mixture of goat’s & sheep’s semi-hard cheese
  • Grilled Saganaki Cheese(V)

    A traditional hard goat’s cheese from Naxos
  • Courgette Balls(V)

    Hand-made courgette balls served with tzatziki dip, perfect sharer for vegeterians
  • Tyropita(V)

    Pastry phyllo feta cheese pie
  • Spanakotiropita(V)

    Pastry phyllo spinach & feta cheese pie
  • Tyrokafteri cheese dip(V)

    Made with feta cheese, peppers, & spices
  • Tzatziki dip(V)

    Greece’s most famous dip, made with yogurt, cucumber & garlic-flavoured
  • Selection of dips(V)

    Five dips: tzatziki, tyrokafteri, taramas, fava, aubergine, served with a pitta bread
  • Potato Chips(VG)

    Served with salt & oregano
  • Crispy Halloumi fries(V)

    Specially marinated, served with chilli sauce
  • Kalamata Olives(VG)

    Of high quality and excellent taste
  • Gigantes(VG)

    Giant beans cooked in tomato sauce and herbs
  • Rolled Aubergine Bites

    Four pieces of aubergine bites filled with beef mince, veggies and cheese
  • Ntolmadakia(V)

    Four vine leaves stuffed with rice & herbs, served with yogurt dip
  • Sarmadakia

    Four cabbage leaves stuffed with beef mince, rice & herbs
  • Greek Salad(V)

    Tomato, cucumber, onion, Kalamata olives, and feta cheese, served with vinegar, oregano and pure virgin oil
  • Salad Bar Selection(V)

    Choose 4 different salads from our unique daily fresh salad bar (subject to avaliability)
  • Greek Pitta Bread(VG)


  • Gluten Free Bread(VG)


  • **Please advise your server or waiter should you have a food allergy or a special dietary requirement before placing an order for your chosen dish, so we can ensure any allergens are excluded and/or replaced with an alternative where possible

  • **Please note that a 10% discretionary service charge is added to the total of the final bill

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