Our Mission

At Nostimo, we’re all about delicious food, impeccable hospitality, and those heady nostalgia highs. Immerse yourself in our restaurant’s welcoming environs, inhale the intoxicating aroma of Greek grill and spice, and, pretty soon, you won’t feel like you’re in London anymore… Your senses will be transported back to that beachside brasserie in Santorini, or that café in the heart of Athens. Treat your tastebuds, and this is where the reminiscing truly begins.

Extraordinary Experiences

And, speaking of taste, all our dishes are blissfully authentic, assembled using the freshest produce and imported directly from Greece, as well as the very best local butchers and grocers. Each delicacy is passionately crafted by Greek chefs, using recipes that have been handed down our families for generations.

In creating these traditional meals, we not only strive to stay true to our heritage, but also in sharing Greek flavours with the world.

So, bring your appetite and visit our Brunswick Centre restaurant – you’ll quickly discover why we’ve named ourselves Nostimo:
Greek for delicious.

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